The X-Files Season 10 Finale Trailer: The Truth Will be Revealed

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Alright guys, The X-Files Season 10 finale is right around the corner.

The catch?

The truth will be revealed.

Do you believe that's really going to happen? I admit, I'm skeptical.

Nonetheless, during "My Struggle II," Tad O'Malley is back, promising the end is nigh. Er than before, I guess. 

Agents Miller and Einstein look to be making a return, and Annabeth Gish is listed as well. How will we be reacquainted with Monica Reyes? 

Mulder will be putting the squeeze on the Cigarette Smoking Man, who says it's just a little bit too late to stop all of the terrible things he's put into motion over the years.

Will the truth really be that there is a bit of DNA in every American? How will it have gotten there? How can all of the answers be doled out in a mere 47 minutes?

Well, we've waited years for this. It's entirely possible we'll have to wait even longer.

After all, it says the "Season Finale." 

That's not really a surprise at the end of this all, right? And it's good news.

Especially if it means another, possibly longer season to throw answers at the questions in another go around!

We'll be here on Monday to break it all down. Will you be along for the ride?

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The X-Files Quotes

Mulder: Air's gettin' a little hot in here.
O'Malley: Oh. Those don't roll down. I had the vehicle bulletproofed.
Mulder: Because you never know when a gun-toting liberal might go Hinkley.

Scully: I'm always happy to see you.
Mulder: And I'm always happy to find a reason.