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The vampire diaries
Time appears to be running out in Mystic Falls. Check out the official promo for The Vampire Diaries episode "The Reckoning" now.

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I cant take anymore going to youtube its worth watching in parts.


She ends up being fed on NOT killed


i dnt stefan wil hurt elena,he never has,bt may be damon wil come and save d day,i dnt knw hw,bt dis coming episode seems to be great,better be careful damon coz u might endup compelled by klaus as well.




Also i think that the necklace has lots to do with what ever needs to happen i think that Klaus missed out something to be able to turn wolfs into hybrid but did anyone else see in another promo how Kathrine asked Damon if he reconised Elena's necklace i think she knows something and Damon doesn't play games not when it's Elena's life on the line xx


Does anyone know who jumps in the pool it's defentily a man i think it's either Damon, Mat or Alaric and did anyone see in the other promo poor Caroline everything happens to her and i felt for her so much when her dad said that he doesn't think that she'll ever be alright just because she's a vampire' i way prefer john Gilbert i wish he would come back to help everyone out and what a time for Damon to go off on a road trip with Kathrine to make out with herand get the info he needs


even if it isn't Damon who ends up saving her he will do everything in his power to and eventually he will also maybe it's even Kathrine don't forget anything can happen on the vampire diaries xx


Is it just me who thinks it'll be Bonnie who will save Elena? I'm hoping its Damon but you never know! Btw I think Klaus is planning to test his hybrid thing on Tyler seeing how he's a werewolf! IF - which he wont!- kills Elena. His sister seems to be catching Tyler in another promo..... I F-ing LOVE TVD! Its amazing that they've still managed to keep it just as good as the first two seasons!


:O cant wait to see and everyone is counting on damon to save elena dont disappoint me


Looks very promising!

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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Damon: Stop being cute.
Katherine: I can't help it.

Bonnie: Where are you going?
Elena: To super glue Alaric's desk shut. I'm making memories.

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