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Yes, we need to wait a couple weeks for this Vampire Diaries episode to air. But it looks like it will be well worth it!

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common, Damon has been in love with Elena since the first day¡¡¡¡ There is so much more passion between him and Elena, than there ever was between Elena and Stefan. They're just hot¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ And she's a vampire now, she's supposed to be different.


TBH I believe Stefen will be the end result. I am Damon all the way, but in the end I think he will be the one taking the cure.


Stefan is a nice guy? I mean Stefan "Ripper" Salvatore? I think one is doing TVD wrong by comparing it to Twilight. Bella and Edward are the exception, their love is too pure, too perfect, too good to be true. It is a fantasy, a dream but I think most people can't relate to that kind of epic love. It is more understandable that you don't marry your high school sweetheart, have children, a house and a picket fence. Elena has just outgrown Stefan. Looking forward to some serious Delena action :-) Besides, the show needs a new dynamic, a fresh wind. We had Stefan and Elena for 3 Seasons and 6 episodes. It is about time for something new...


I am team Stefan and totally agree with everybody that Stefan should be the end result. Stefan and Elena have a common history, he is good for her, you marry the good guy in the end. And may I make a Twilight reference that also Edward and Bella belonged together? Its just that simple, Stefan is the nice guy, he will always honestly love her, Damon might need her but Stefan wants whats best for Elena and not for himself. That is love in the end and that is why she should choose him in the end!!! I think that Caroline and Klaus would be a great couple, Damon needs a new love interest maybe somebody from the past...


Is it just me or here is nothing about klaroline?? o.O


Stefan should give Damon a little bit of credit for once all he ever does is put Damon down and judge him


i think Damon should turn elena down and they should build the tension and also it shows Elena that she cant just go from one brother to the next .


MY GOD, Klaus and Caroline are HOT in that pic! I look forward to seeing something new besides this ridiculous triangle.
Stefan and Elena are TRUE LOVE, they will find a way back to each other.
All those wonderful scenes since season 4 began and all of a sudden they broke up so fast? Too fast?
Elena hasn't changed at all from human to vampire, only her lust magnified.
We'll see how long she plays Damon like a fool.


I just wish whatever happens, Stelena should be endgame! I love Stefan, and I always love original couples! Stefan and Elena have history, and that can never change. Hopefully Stelena will find each other in the end.


I think that if he is going to turn her down then Elena should work for he's trust and he's love. I mean you can't blame him for being skeptical and using family as an excuse she's hurt him so many times before, I just don't think he'll believe her but I hope that he will. Team Delena

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