The Vampire Diaries Promo: "Ghost World"

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Mason Lockwood is back. What will this mean for Stefan? Watch the official promo for "Ghost World" now.
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O my I'm soooo upset I can't seem to get vampire diaries season 3 her in SA dnt knw wht to do... I'm soooo excited and looking forward to this season...


It's the best time for bringing back the Elijah to real time, alive in season 3!!!!!!!


Commands on a theory?
fact 1: Mason came back and could physically hit Damon.
fact 2: Anna and Jeremy could actually hold hands.
fact 3: In the next episode it's supposed to be Halloween, right?
Theory: What about a mythical Halloween? In Buffy's world Halloween was the one day, where the supernatural took a break. What about a Mystic Falls Halloween, where ghosts have corporeal forms? At least that would make a little bit sense to it all...
Looking forward to next week's explanation!


@Tammy yes he did - and now he's a ghost, brought back by the dead first witch is my guess. and TEAM BEREMY! i loved anna and jer previously but now she's dead an a ghost and that's completely wierd if anything develops between them. i love bonnie and jeremy and jer should listen to bonnie and stop delving in the past and live in the present. in saying that ghost plot is driving me crazy - i want to know what the vamp is going on?!! LOL


Keep your friends close...and your werewolves closer.


Don't understand the whole Mason return, Didn't Damon rip out his heart?????




Team Dason all the way ;-)


He is a little mad at me. That is typical Damon

Uncle jackass

Yay, Mason is back!!!

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Elena: That's what they call it?
Jeremy: That's what Anna calls it. There's not an official brochure or anything.

Greetings, blondie. Witchie.


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