The Vampire Diaries Clip: Sired?!?

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Sired? Huh?!? Damon reacts to Stefan's claim that Elena is sired to him in this clip from The Vampire Diaries.
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This sire-crap is totally ridiculous and unbelievable. I am angry that the writers see the fans as stupid zombies that can't follow the storyline and realize that a sire bond can't be explained by any of the latest developments in the show. Ugh....HUGE gaping holes in the introduction of the sired bond to Elena's character. I hate it when fans are so underestimated by writers and I wish they would re-watch previous episodes more closely so they could see all the problems with that stupid storyline...lazy, shortsighted, unbelievable, lame and incoherent writing. What a shame!


i cnt believe whats hapening 4 the brohood in ths season.brothers jsv watch n learn.anyway i truly believe that the sire means nothin at ol.and that elena got tru feelings 4 badass damon even tho am a stelena shipper!!!


This sire bond is the stupidest piece of writing... At least write something that ACTUALLY makes sense and is BELIEVABLE. So many vampires have come through this show and nobody has even spoken about their sired bond (yet all of them have to have had a sire) - because it's convenient for the writing. Elena has changed because she's a FREAKING VAMPIRE not because she sired. ARGH JULIE PLEC


What she said (madz)


Oh and yeah...what Stelena had not in their so called EPIC love from all these seasons, Delena had that magic and chemistry and even more than that in just one night... with or without sire bond, Delena literally ROCKS!!!!


This entire sire bond is just annoying. I hope its not true. And I cant stand Stefan now. I officially hate him now. He is behaving like an ass. An insecure, idiot, broken up boyfriend who is jealous and over obsessed with getting cure for his ex-gf. If so called EPIC love of Stefan is this cheap then seriously, I need to re-define the meaning of EPIC. He literally sucks now. And writers, for once lemme be happy as Damon. I am sired to Damon. LOL. So, your crap should stop now. Its a LAME CHOP OUT. So very LAME.


I HOPE THIS SIRE BOND ISN'T TRUE! I mean it kind of ruins people to watch Damon and Elena together as a "normal" couple.. Please Julie Plec & co! Like @Madi said! Don't let us down!!!
PS: I'm no Stelena or Delena fan, just really tired of the love triangle.


Stefan may be right about the sire bond, but i just hope that the sire bond isn't why Elena cares about Damon. I believe in you, writers! Don't let us Delena fans down!



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I finally got Elena to a good place about being a vampire and you two idiots can't stand that she's happy because of me.


Can't we just let ourselves enjoy one secret selfish day before we destroy his?

Damon [to Elena]

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