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Will Elena tell Elijah about his mother's plan on this episode of The Vampire Diaries? Watch the Canadian promo for "All My Children" now.

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    Can't believe Elena said that to Damon, Bitch much! And now she's all mooshy over Stefan??? Plus now she will ruin everything by telling Elijah??? That girl needs some serious talking to!!

    I don't want the originals to die, when their not all bad-ass they are really nice people plus without them TVD would be crap, Esther doesn't want to kill Elijah but by the looks of the next episode i'm pretty sure she'll change her mind!!

    Caroline and Klaus!!!!!:D ssoo cute!!


    Damon He saved MATT from Phsyco Kol, so it is a good thing that he lashed out.

    And WOW was Elena a bitch to him at the end -

    Damon: I am mad at you because I love you...
    Elena: Well, maybe that is the problem...

    Ouch!!! I like Elena but this time she was a nasty girl. So good on Damon for sleeping with Rebeka!

    & Now Elena the idiot will ruin Esthers entire plan!!!! byy spilling the beans to Elijah!! what an idiot. So ofcourse Damon & Stefan will do what Elijah wants because they will want to save her AGAIN. Seriously, she is an idiot.

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