The Resident Promo: Bring on the ANGST!

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The Olympics may bring the action for the next couple of weeks, but when The Resident returns, it will bring all the angst!

The tension at Chastain Park is so thick you could cut it with a scalpel. It seems as if everyone is at odds in some way or another. 

NIc and Lane are not seeing eye to eye regarding Lane's clinical trial, and Nic refuses to let it go. She won't stop until she gets down to the bottom of things, but Lane is not one to upset. 

Bell Gets Bloody

Lily's health continues to decline, and Nic can't take it when the young woman is wheeled into the hospital yet again. Lily's tear-stained face implies she's in pain, and there's no telling what can be done about it. 

Is Lily receiving a placebo? Why are the chemo doses so high in Lane's study?

Lane will do whatever she needs to do in order to discredit Nic's claims. Will this be an age-old dispute where it's a doctor's word against that of a nurse? How will it pan out for Nic?

Also, with a wealthy individual set on donating to Lane's Oncological program, will Nic's suspicions make matters difficult? 

The hospital will take on an astronomical project that includes doing three major surgeries concurrently.

The Resident- 1x5 Doctor Down

It will push all of the doctors to their limit. It may take one of the doctors down if the person passed out on the floor mid-surgery is an indicator. 

Bell is confident in his abilities, but will this ambitious project be too much for him? 

He appears defensive in the clip. As Chief of Surgery, he had some say in this project that has driven some of the hospital's finest to their breaking point. 

The Resident 1x5 Mina Rattled

Whatever is going on, it has a typically unflappable MIna rattled. She may be under fire once again for something she has done during surgery. 

She already pushed her limits before when she overstepped in surgery and later on went rogue with Conrad performing an unsanctioned surgery in the ER. 

Now, she'll have Claire breathing down her neck, but about what? 

The Resident 1x5 Conrad Cries

Conrad doesn't appear to make it out of this hour unscathed either. 

The promo shows him attempting to run off his problems, but the most gut-wrenching Conrad moment is him sitting on the floor, crying, with an adorable pooch beside him. 

I don't know what has brought him to tears, but for his sake, I hope that cute puppy is a therapy dog. He looks like he could use a support animal. 

The Resident 1x5 Nic and Conrad

Nic will call on Jude to help out, and it's going to make Conrad a bit jealous. Maybe jealousy is what it'll take to reunite the two of them. 

The promos tease a searing kiss between the sexy pair, and I cannot wait.

The Resident will return February 26. 

If you'd like to catch up during this break, you can watch The Resident online via TV Fanatic.

Check out the promo below and sound off in the comments with your thoughts! 

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