The Mentalist Preview: Little Red Book

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It's time for Patrick Jane to divide and conquer. His goal is to get his old team back on this episode of The Mentalist.
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Hey Jonathan,Yeah, it's true that it isn't a straight IT rdpoay, but I don't know any shows that are going to stay as a straight anything (not that this excuses bad writing, just that as the show develops, so do the characters, and you follow those as well), and to be honest, there's so much of the IT world that's tremendously boring. I considered showing people what a real day like that would be, but wanted people to actually watch. Dialogue-heavy, absolutely, but I don't really see that as a negative. Now, the staging of those dialogue-heavy moments suffer, as I don't have the ability to film the workarounds that larger productions can instead of just having people talk in a single location, the conversation takes place while they're walking, going from a couch to a desk to another room, to break things up visually due to the physical limitations of the set. That's one fo the main things I'm going to try to rectify for season two: it's my goal to be able to have single-take tracking shots following from one office to the hall to the next office, all without cutting or editing. It's a severe limitation of the show that you don't get a proper sense of the office around them, and better sets will both alleviate that problem and help me circumvent the issues with having a talking-heads show. Also I'm going to try to get a camera operator to help with the filming, so that the shots are dynamic. The camera work being so static has always something that's bothered me.Thanks for the info regarding the improv classes, incidentally. A friend of mine runs classes like that, but only every six months or so.

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Lovely to see you. Keep working that bum wing


This man's dead. I'm all but certain of it.