The Flash vs Zoom Trailer: A (Serial) Killer Reveal!

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Great news Flash Fanatics!!

Zoom is NOT Jay Garrick!

Just as we suspected all along, the trailer below appears to confirm our suspicions.

Zoom is Hunter Zolomon. (Ummm...seems so simple now when you put Zoom next to ZOlOMon.)

But the unexpected part of that reveal? Zolomon is also a convicted serial killer.

Frankly, I'm not going to be surprised if every single member of Team Flash won't be skipping off to the nearest mental health facility for some serious counseling after this nugget comes out.

How on earth can the continue to believe they're normal while allowing themselves to snuggle up to psychopaths like the ones they do?

The other good news is Teddy Sears will finally have some worthwhile material to sink his teeth into.

And it can't be that long until Barry realizes the guy in the cage (did they just leave him there?) banging out "Jay" was trying to say his name without the age old custom of also pointing to his chest.

But really, his bad on that one. He couldn't have been locked up that long, right?

I mean, who doesn't know to do that?

So get a load of Hunter Zolomon in all of his worst, screaming about building up hope just to rip it away, below.

What a freak!! And join us on April 19, when the show finally returns again, to see what plays out first!!

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