The Flash Promo: Barry Speeds to 2024!

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We've watched Barry run to the past more times than we can count.

With Iris' life on the line, the Scarlet Speedster's opting for a different direction on  The Flash Season 3 Episode 19 "The Once and Future Flash."

Barry Allen's heading toward the future. Specifically, the year 2024.

No place like home - The Flash Season 3 Episode 16

Why does that year sound familiar? Because its the year from the infamous newspaper headline Reverse Flash started monitoring on The Flash Season 1 Episode 1.

We're not sure why Barry would pick that year in particular. It's probably not sentimental value. He wants to know who Savitar is in order to save Iris' life.

As the video promo reveals, there's not a lot of cheer in the future. Wally's in a wheelchair, Killer Frost is loose, and sad Cisco is back.

Press play on the video below and share your thoughts and theories with us! What happened to the team? Will Future Flash have the answers? Will Barry's trip change time again?

Need to catch up before April 25? You can watch The Flash online anytime!

The Flash
The Flash Season 3 Episode 19: "The Once and Future Flash"
Wally West/Kid Flash, Barry Allen/Flash, Dr. Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon
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The Flash Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Cisco: Barry Allen [hugs him].
Barry: How did you know I was here?
Cisco: I had a feeling. A feeling I have not felt in a long time. So I hacked into the security cameras and I saw you fighting Top and Mirror Master in your OG suit with the white emblem. 2017 Edition, of course.

Future Barry: Why are you here?
Barry: I need your help.
Future Barry: You're from before she dies, aren't you? You can't save her.
Barry: Yes, I can. And I'm going to.
Future Barry: No, you can't. Go home.
Barry: Just tell me who's in the suit. That's all I need. You tell me that and we'll be able to track him down. We'll learn his weakness. We'll stop him before he even tries. We'll stop him before he even tries. Just tell me who Savitar is.
Future Barry: I can't.
Barry: Why?
Future Barry: Because I don't know the answer. Sorry you ran all this way for nothing. You want some advice? Go home. Spend as much time with Iris as you can. Because pretty soon, we'll never see her again.