Teen Wolf: Linden Ashby from NYCC 2016

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Are you ready for the final season of Teen Wolf?

That's right, it's coming to an end as Teen Wolf Season 6 begins Tuesday at 9/8c on MTV.

Melissa Ponzio was hoping she'd be on the show for seven seasons, and will definitely miss getting the call to be on set.

Ironically, she wasn't the first choice for the character, but her love of the shooting location was really beneficial.

Additionally, Creator Jeff Davis' promised three-episode parental arc turned out to be more than she ever dreamed.

It's been a real gift that fans have embraced the parents just as much as they embraced the teens, as well.

Given the special focus on the loss of Stiles, the parents will be featured together and Ponzio and Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski) get a lot of moments to cherish together.

But while the only the only 'ship the entire fandom can agree upon in the series is Mama McCall and Papa Stilinski, she said Davis promised her we'll never get what we want.

Whether that is the truth or not, we'll not only find out over the next 20 episodes, but also still excited to see where these two go together.

According to Ashby, it's a season about loss and what ifs, sliding doors. Stiles is missing, having been taken.

The first half of Teen Wolf Season 6 will be essentially examining what their lives would have been if Stiles had never been a part of it.

The second half, the last ten episodes, will be wrapping up the series and honoring what they've done.

Ashby says they're going out guns blazing.

Despite the weighty material, don't expect it to be lacking humor, and you'll see a lot of it in Linden's interview, as well. If you're hoping for full frontal nudity? Hey, don't rule it out!

He's very happy to have the opportunity to make the journey he makes with Sheriff Stilinski during Season 6, and gives kudos to Jeff Davis for his creativity.

Find out what he'll miss and for what he's grateful from this experience in Teen Wolf.

And most importantly, discover whether or not the Sheriff might find love before it's all over.

We'll be posting more interviews tomorrow, including a feature with Tyler Posey (Scott) and creator Jeff Davis, so keep an eye out!

If you need to catch up, watch Teen Wolf online...you're running out of time!

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