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Are you ready for Supergirl to meet the rest of the DC Flarrowverse?

Of course you are, and she's far more ready than we.

In the first trailer for the upcoming, super duper four-episode crossover event on The CW, Kara is introduced by Barry Allen to the gang.

Not everyone is available in this first meeting, but she's getting a fairly true look at everyone, nonetheless.

Oliver is rather stoic, and prefers to be called Green Arrow, even if he's not in his suit.

After he sets the trend, everyone else starts to shout out their superhero names after individual introductions, too.

That even includes Mick Rory, Heatwave, who appears to be jamming some sort of a crusty breakfast treat into his gob.

It must be an early morning call!

In the Entertainment Weekly behind the scenes video of their Cover Shoot with the stars, some of the group were asked some questions.

Stephen Amell noted he hoped the editors were able to cut around his interpretation of Oliver staring longingly at Kara. That oughta get Felicity, "Best Team Up Ever!" into an interesting mood.

When asked who she'd want on her team, Melissa Benoist said she'd take White Canary.

Amell agreed. White Canary for Team Arrow, as well.

Caity Lotz made it a mutual admiration society, but not with Arrow. She'd take Benoist's Supergirl, because more girl power on the Waverider is always a good thing.

Of course, Sara kinda might have a crush on the new Super Alien, too.

Brandon Routh noted Ray Palmer would love to have a deeper friendship with Barry Allen, and Barry was certain Team Flash would want Ray Palmer on their team.

So they should all be very happy to know when worlds are threatened by an alien invasion, they're all willing to throw down for one another, even the alien herself, Kara Zor-El!

When they met on Supergirl Season 1, she and Barry Allen hit it off really well and promised to meet again.

This world invasion may not be the best of circumstances, but they sure look like they're happy to see each other and everyone else to meet the girl who can fly without a special suit.

If you need to catch up on all the good stuff before you get to the crossover in three weeks, you can watch Supergirl online and watch The Flash online and watch Arrow online and watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow online before the big invasion.

Until then, enjoy the first look at all the fun!!

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