Suits Promo: Harvey Meets His Mother!

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Will Harvey be able to working things out with his mother?

That will be his plan on Suits Season 6 Episode 12 when Donna pushes him to make amends with his past in order to move on with his life. 

When he meets his mother, the past rushes back to him. 

Maybe! - Suits Season 6 Episode 12

As you probably know if you watch Suits online, Harvey's mother cheated on his father and that's why Harvey has stayed away from her. 

In the official preview, we get to see Lily shocked to the core by the arrival of her son, but things seem fine... until Harvey comes face-to-face with the man who slept with his mother. 

It sure looks like they are at a wake for Harvey's father and that's probably why Harvey flips out when he lays eyes on the man who helped destroy his life. 

Harvey Has No Idea  - Suits Season 6 Episode 12

For Harvey, a lot was riding on his reunion. His family at Pearson Specter Litt is combusting in the wake of Jessica's departure, so Donna feels like Harvey has to make things right with his mom. 

Donna's advice always rings true and Harvey knows that. 

Have a look at the official preview below and be with us on Wednesday, February 1 for a full rundown of what looks to be an exciting episode. 

Hit the comments with your thoughts on the teaser. 

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