Suits Promo: "Rewind"

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It's the flashback episode fans have been clamoring for. Watch the official Suits teaser for "Rewind" now.
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@Dan, if u pause at 0:10 its clearly written senior associate not partner


owh shoot its senior associate not partner, my bad


5 years ago harvey isnt senior partner yet but why is it on the door?


Also another thing I noticed is that Harvey is in the same office and I assume Jessica will be too even though Harvey said in one of the recent episodes that his current office was Jessicas back when Hardman was managing partner


I love love love this show however if you look closely at Harveys office, the door you'll see "Senior Partner" even though it's supposed to be 5 years ago and Harvey had been promoted to senior partner 5 years ago. Again note I do love this show but that just caught my eye

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Suits Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Louis: There's something you should know: Mike Ross had lunch with Monica Eaton today.

Harvey: One more thing: I'm getting Donna back.