Suits Promo: Jessica Is Back!

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Jessica Pearson is back!

Well, that's what the official teaser for Suits Season 7 Episode 2 hints at, and we are pretty excited to see what she has to say to Harvey. 

It's obvious that the character is still in Chicago, but she's on the phone to Harvey, firing orders at him. It's like she never left. 

suits 702 jessica

With Gina Torres gearing up to spearhead a spin-off of the series with her character in Chicago, we can just imagine the crazy crossovers that could come from it. 

Jessica has shown up to save the day four our favorite characters multiple times, so it would be interesting to see Harvey returning the favor every once in a while. 

Elsewhere, Harvey will continue to romance his former therapist, and Donna seems rather pissed about the whole situation. 

She is concerned he is moving too quickly, but it looks like Harvey will brush off her claims. 

Harvey Butts Heads - Suits

It is a typical Harvey move to date his therapist, but will it all work out for him in the end?

Also, Dule Hill will make his debut during the episode, and it sure sounds like his character made a deal with Harvey in the past. 

Either way, we're going to need to tune in to watch the episode in its entirety to know what's going on. 

Remember you can watch Suits online right here via TV Fanatic. Get caught up now via TV Fanatic. 

What do you think of Jessica showing up? Do you want to see the character in a spin-off?

Sound off below!

Note: Suits Season 7 Episode 2 airs July 19 on USA Network. 

Suits Season 7 Episode 2: "The Statue"
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Suits Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Therapist: Wow. Sun rise is beautiful from up here.
Harvey: To be honest, I can’t remember that last time I saw sunrise.
Harvey: It takes something pretty special to get me up before 7am.
Therapist:As I recall, I was pretty special last night.
Harvey: Yeah, surprised me again.
Therapist:The truth is, I’m a little surprised by all this myself.
Harvey: What do you mean?
Therapist:I mean, you disappear for nearly a year and then, one day you suddenly show up in a 57 chevy.
Harvey: 72 Ferrari, but, yeah.
Therapist:And you sweep me off my feet. I liked it.
Harvey: That’s good because I wasn’t sure you would.
Therapist:Of course you weren’t. You don’t really know me yet. Until yesterday, we’d spent about fifty hours together and we spent most of them talking about you.
Harvey: I know and that’s what I love about our relationship.

Katrina: Hey, I didn't know anyone was moving in here. It looks brilliant.
Donna: Well, as it turns out, we're getting ourselves a new partner and they needed a new office.
Katrina: New partner? That's fantastic. Show's we're back on our feet. What firm are they from?
Donna: This one.
Katrina: I don't understand.
Donna: It's because it hasn't been announced yet, but you're looking at the newest senior partner at Pearson Specter Litt.
Katrina: Wow. Congratulations, Donna. You must be thrilled.
Donna: I am, and I know what you're thinking. How can a secretary be made partner.
Katrina: I wasn't thinking that, Donna. I know how hard you work and what you mean to this firm and everyone in it.
Donna: Thanks, Katrina.
Katrina: You're welcome. I'll let you get back to work.