Sons of Anarchy Promo: "Authority Vested"

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This Sons of Anarchy promo gives fans a look at episode two and beyond on Season Five. No shock here, but it looks to be a tad bit intense.
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I love the show, but hate Clay. hope he is gone,


SOA is one of my favorite shows by far!!! It just keeps getting better and better of course we all like to watch violence :) but I think it was pretty fucked up in Season 5 episode 1 that Tigs had to watch his own daughter get killed in a really fucked up way. Can't wait for the next new episode that will air tomorrow.... All I can say is this show always leaves you wanting more!!!


Omg... soa #1 show ever... every sesson just gets better and better I have all 4 sesson and I watch them. Over and over... sesson 5 kicks ass.... just hate haveing to wait 1 week to see it... but love you kurt and all soa actors... keep it goiing...

Jaxs girl

SOA's first episode really set the bar for the rest of Season 5. Kurt Sutter has taken the Sons to a whole new level. I've been a BIG fan of this show since Season 1. SOA gets better and better every season. Kurt Sutter is a freakin "Genius". I love the cast and I can't wait to see what's in store for the remainder of the season. I've watched the season premiere 4 times alreasy. This show always leave you wanting more. LOVE IT!!

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