HRG hosts Thanksgiving. He even entertains his ex-wife and her new lover for the holiday.
This is the official promo for "Brother's Keeper." During the episode, Peter tries to save Parkman.
On the Heroes episode titled "Shadowboxing," Parkman vows to get rid of Sylar once and for all. Watch a preview for the installment now.
On the Heroes episode "Tabula Rasa," Peter sets out to save Hiro. Watch the official NBC promo for this installment now.
Did Heroes create this scene, of Claire kissing Gretchen, just to attract ratings? We think so. Do you?
On this episode of Heroes, Nathan continues to struggle with the embodiment of Sylar, while Tracy seeks her old job. Watch a preview for "Acceptance" now.
In the latest Heroes promo for season four, we again learn that life has plans for our favorite character that they don't initially expect. Watch a few clips now.
In this sneak peek at the fourth season of Heroes, Peter picks up a new power. He also gets into a knife fight.

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Can you ever escape?

Mohinder Suresh

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