Booth and Sweets discuss Brennan's future presidency on the next episode of Bones. Watch a scene from "The Tiger in the Tale" here.
In this clip from next week's Bones, Hodgins gets really excited about the Bug Rapture. So to speak. Anyone surprised?
Gretzky the dog. It's a good name, as Booth suggests to Brennan in this classic exchange from Bones. "The Tiger in the Tale" airs October 8, 2012.
The trailer for next week's Bones, "The Tiger in the Tale." The episode airs Monday, October 8, 2012.
The Bones team investigates the crime scene in "The Gunk in the Garage." The episode airs October 1, 2012.
Booth contemplates getting a desk job on Bones. Brennan understandably seems skeptical. "The Gunk in the Garage" airs October 1, 2012.
A sneak peek of the third episode of Bones Season 8, "The Gunk in the Garage." Booth and Brennan argue over the cost of a baby stroller.
A promo for next week's Bones, entitled "The Gunk in the Garage." The episode airs October 1, 2012.

Bones Quotes

Booth: If you could travel through time where would you go?
Bones: I'm already there. Here.
Booth: What?
Bones: Here. The difference between past and future is nowhere to be found in the laws of physics. Everything I want or need is here. Right now.

Booth: You know, when I say heartbreaking you say the heart is a muscle, so it can't break. It can only get crushed.
Brennan: Isn't it heartcrushing?
Booth: You want to go to his funeral?
Brennan: Yes, I would. Then she won't be alone.
Booth: You know what, Bones? Sometimes I think your heart muscle is bigger than people give you credit for.

Bones Music

  Song Artist
Fearless Fearless Cyndi Lauper iTunes
The world is The World Is... Matthew Ryan iTunes
Song Rain Or Shine Matthew Perryman Jones