Scandal Winter Finale Promo: Is Quinn Already Dead?!

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Quinn might already be dead. 

That's the main takeaway from the official teaser from Scandal Season 7 Episode 7 which takes place in the immediate aftermath of the group learning she was taken from the elevator at QPA. 

Shocking Events - Scandal

Desperate to find out what really happened, Charlie will continue his mission of self-destruction, and that will find him checking out all of the local bodies recovered. 

The man's pregnant fiance went missing on his wedding day. What else could he do? He would go mad if he just sat around awaiting news. 

Olivia seems to think Rowan could have information for her, and it appears that may be the case. In the teaser, he is yelling at Olivia about some sort of reckoning on the way. 

Could he have found a way to get revenge on his daughter for the way she has been acting? She has been acting like she has all the power in the world of late. 

Quinn Goes Missing - Scandal

There's no denying that she has power, but it's easy to see why she could have rubbed someone the wrong way. Her whole attitude has changed. 

Watch the full teaser below and join us in the comments with your thoughts on it, Scandal Fanatics.

Remember you can watch Scandal online right here via TV Fanatic. Get caught up on all the latest drama now!

Scandal's fall run comes to a close next Thursday on ABC!

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