Scandal Promo: Will 9 Bombs Detonate Across America?!?

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With Olivia as Chief of Staff and Mystery Woman in custody, you would think things inside the White House would be on the road to recovery. 

However, the official preview for Scandal Season 6 Episode 13 makes it seem like our characters are in more danger than ever. 

Fitz In Trouble - Scandal

Theodore Peus decides to copy what Huck did with the drone, but he goes one step further by putting a bomb in nine drones. 

Said drones hover across the U.S. in the event that Olivia and her team do not comply with the orders given to them. 

The teaser confirms that at least one bomb will be set off. Does this mean we'll be losing another key character?

It was only one week ago we lost Liz North, but Scandal loves to play on the element of surprise. 

While Olivia and Fitz try to get Rowan to fight for their cause, Jake turns his attentions to Mystery Woman. 

Something tells us he is going to be pissed that she left him to clear up her crime scene. If you watch Scandal online, you will know that Jake is partial to a little but of murder. 

The scary thing for Zoe Perry's Mystery Woman is that Jake knows how to interrogate like the best of them. 

He does so with a whole lot of violence, so there's a very real possibility he could go too far and wipe her out before getting all the details he needs. 

We'll be sad to see her go because her one-liners have been on point. 

Watch the full teaser below and hit the comments with your take on it. 

Return here next Thursday for the full review of what is sure to be another solid episode of this ABC drama. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 13: "The Box"
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Scandal Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Olivia: Olivia Pope.
Peus: You have something that belongs to me.

This has been a strange day. I was certainly not expecting the call I got from President-Elect Grant earlier today.