Scandal Promo: The End of Olitz?

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Is this the end of Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant?

That appears to be the case on Scandal Season 7 Episode 4 as Olivia reacts in anger to the arrival of Fitz. 

Close up of Olivia

They haven't spoken in months, and her tryst with Curtis has been interrupted, so we can kind of understand why she's mad. 

But Fitz wants the love of his life to move to Vermont with him and leave her power-hungry ways behind. That's not something Olivia will find appealing now that she's got all the power in the world. 

The outcome of "Lost Girls" will make or break Olitz, and it seems obvious they are further apart than ever before. 

Mellie is involved in a love triangle of her own with Marcus and Rashad, but will Marcus be able to talk her around? 

Mellie Is POTUS - Scandal

It would probably involve him quitting his job and moving back to Washington, D.C. Is that something he would want to do if it meant he got to stick around the love of his life?

We have no idea, but this teaser does look like a return to form for the series. Scandal Season 7 has been a real chore to watch thus far. 

Watch the teaser below and hit the comments with your thoughts on it!

Remember you can watch Scandal online right here via TV Fanatic. Get caught up on all the action now!

Scandal continues Thursday on ABC!

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 4: "Lost Girls"
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Scandal Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Olivia: I need you to look into Fitz. He's back, no warning. Shows up on my doorstep saying he's got some case he needs my help with.
Jake: And you think that's strange, a man who hasn't gone for three minutes, let alone three months, without wanting to see you?

Two hundred and nineteen missing girls is just an idea; people can ignore an idea. What we need is an individual, a poster girl, someone who can get the public's attention.