Riverdale Season 2: Is Archie Terrified Enough to Kill?

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If you thought Riverdale Season 1 painted the town as a dark place to live, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

In the aftermath of Fred Andrews' shooting, it looks downright terrifying.


As gloomy as things got in the past, we could still count on Archie to brighten things up with a song and a smile.

But when his world is turned upside down with tragedy, he takes to walking around with a baseball bat.

His best friend, Jughead, who has never been the cheeriest of the kids in town, is giving him advice.

Don't let fear run your life, Archie. 


What if he comes back seems like a pretty sane question when we see a masked gunman pointing into God knows what with Veronica standing close behind.

What is the connection to Betty? We know from interviews she is deeply involved with the mystery this coming season, and Alice's "This is war," backs that up.

It's hard not to be heartbroken for everyone involved when you watch the teaser.

Find out who is being interrogated, who else picks up a gun and what a court scene in Riverdale looks like when you watch the teaser below.

You're going to want to watch again and again, hitting pause along the way.


I know I did...it's that shocking.

October 10th seems like light years away, and frankly, asking me to watch Riverdale online doesn't seem like enough right now.

I don't want to see Fred shot again. I want to know his fate!!

Is Archie afraid the shooter will come back to finish the job, or is he afraid he'll come back to kill him, too?

Be here this fall to find out with us. We're going to be waiting and watching with you. 

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