Riverdale Promo: Nick St. Clair Returns

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Trouble is heading back to Riverdale with a smile on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 19.

Nick St. Clair, the rich bad boy who attempted to rape Cheryl and Veronica, has returned to the town that proudly kicked him out. He looks to be healed in the quick clip we see of him. And he's smiling in front of Veronica while at Pop Tate's Chocklit Shoppe.

Why is he back in town? Why did Veronica agree to meet with him? Does this have anything to do with the money on the table?

She doesn't look interested in seeing him at all! (And who would be? He needs to leave ASAP.)

Black Trenchcoats - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 19

Nick isn't the only dangerous return in town. Based on the trailer promo, everyone is panicking and lashing out over the return of The Black Hood.

No time has passed after burying poor Midge for the town to start turning on each other. Cheryl ominously tells Sheriff Keller that his days are numbered. We see that someone has spray painted "killer" on the side of his car.

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Was this Cheryl or another member of the town?

Meanwhile, Archie is worried over The Black Hood's threats about tying up loose ends and killing people who escaped his/her grasp. Fred Andrews is one of those such people.

Could Fred's life be in danger?

Stern - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 19

Also in the trailer are some worrisome scenes with Betty and Jughead. We see the pair do a little investigation about Chic that quickly escalates fast!

There's a gun, a bloody hand, a crying Alice, and Chic running in the middle of the street at night. Could his life be in danger? Did he do something to anger Jughead and Betty?

Whatever the cause may be, the Chic drama looks to be far from over.

Mightier Than The Pen - Riverdale

Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts in the comments!

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Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 19: "Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners"
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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Hermione: What’s all this?
Veronica: It’s ransom money. Not for Archie, I got him back. No, this is from when I turned the tables on Nick and held for ransom instead. His parents gave me a cool million for my trouble.
Hiram: I told you I was handling the St. Clairs.
Veronica: Funny enough, they hadn’t heard boo about Archie’s kidnapping, but I’ll leave that to you to explain to Archie. He’s in the study waiting for you.

Veronica: Are you okay? Whether or not The Black Hood is back, I don’t want “Death Wish Archie” to come back.
Archie: You saw that note, Veronica. Written in Midge’s blood. If The Black Hood is going after victims who escaped him, that means my dad is next, or Moose, or Betty, or you, or me. It could be anyone.
Veronica: That’s exactly why I need you sane and steady right now.
Archie: I am. I will be.
Veronica: Promise me you won’t patrol the streets or break into Svenson’s house.
Archie: Ronnie...
Veronica: It’s just, I can’t bear the thought of anything bad happening to you.