Riverdale Promo: Do Not Come Home

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Secrets never stay buried no matter how hard you try. Alice is learning that lesson the hard way on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 17.

The car, which she thought would stay forever at the bottom of the lake, has been found by the Riverdale police. Evidence of the dead body is unknown, but the discovery is a dangerous step for her, Chic, Betty, Jughead and FP. Someone could get closer to finding out about the murder.

If the group can't keep it together, the truth will be found out.

Reliving Passion - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 17

Will they be able to get away with the crime...again?

Based on the trailer below, things aren't looking too good for the group. FP is warning Betty and Jughead to keep things normal so that they don't arouse suspicion. However, we see Jughead, and the Serpents, break down the Cooper doorway to reach someone in need.

Did the police come to arrest them? Did Chic do something dangerous out of fear?

There are plenty of possible theories, especially with Alice warning someone (Betty?) to not come home at all costs. Something bad is definitely happening at the Cooper house.

Investigating The Truth - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 17

Also shown in the trailer is the case of the missing Cheryl Blossom.

The redheaded queen bee has departed for boarding school in Switzerland; however, no one is believing that tale. Toni doesn't trust Penelope and her shady ways; she knows that Cheryl's mother has done something to her. Josie seems to know the real reason why Cheryl has been whisked away from town.

Will she tell the others?

Only Toni, Veronica and Josie will be able to find their missing friend. And, based on the heartbreaking clips, they'll need to find her soon. She's beginning to lose all hope of being freed.

Team Varchie - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 17

Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 17: "Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens"
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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Mary: I don’t suppose you can tell me: What was so important that you couldn’t be there for your dad?
Archie: Believe me, I had every intention of going.
Mary: You used to worship your father. You used to play music. You, Jughead, Betty...you were inseparable. But I’m looking at you now, and I don’t know who you’ve become.
[His phones rings]
Mary: Who are you, Archie?

Cheryl: Kevin! I hear I’m back just in time for Carrie: The Musical, which you’re directing.
Kevin: You are. I’m having auditions this afternoon.
Cheryl: Cool. As far as the lead role is concerned, cancel them. I’m obviously Riverdale High’s Carrie White.
[She turns away to leave]
Cheryl: School’s gonna burn.