Private Practice Clip: "Are You My Mother?"

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Violet and Pete try to have a mature discussion in this clip from Private Practice. It focuses on custody of their son.
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ugh...they worked through a lot to be together & now they're breaking up because...wait...WHY are they breaking up? Because Violet ALMOST left to go on a book tour that Pete should have been supportive of anyway??? Seriously, do people in real life fall out of love & into it as quickly as the people on this show? If these characters were real people, I'd want to hit them! I'll just yell at my TV set instead. WAY too emotionally invested in his show...

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Private Practice Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Before you say the words, just be sure.


I used to think I was in control of everything. Now, I think life happens and it's our job to just to try to keep up, try to ride it out, try to survive.


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