Orphan Black Season 4: Watch the First 4 Minutes of the Premiere Now!

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We've heard a lot about Beth Childs while watching Orphan Black.

And you know, we almost feel like we know her.

After all, Sarah impersonated her so well during the first season.

But the reality all we really know about her is she worked very hard to wrangle her sestras, she was a cop and she jumped in front of a train.

Now Orphan Black Season 4 will be spending their opening four minutes with Beth, a clone we don't know and...Paul!

The vision covered in a lamb mask who has been prevalent in the marketing materials before now has been unmasked.

And it's a clone. 

One Beth calls by name (but this dummy can't understand her). Is it a pre-bleach Helena?

She has found something. A duo is burying a body (and being turned on by it).

This prompts Beth to jump out of bed snort a crushed pill (ew) and scoot on out of there.

Now we know why it was so easy for Paul to notice Sarah wasn't Beth. In Sarah's attempt to play Beth, who she though was normal, she was more affectionate than Beth. That's kind of funny.

Watch now, and be here on April 14 for the premiere and a full review after it airs. It's a new night: Thursdays at 10!!

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Alison: Felix, are you high?
Felix: I didn't know there was going to be a huge emergency, did I?

C'mon. Get your shit together you silly tit!