Orphan Black Season 4 Teaser: The Eye Has It

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Weighing in at a mere 16 seconds, this new teaser trailer for Orphan Black Season 4 does its best to reel you in. 

Does it work?

Oh, yes. 

It gets the ball rolling, for sure.

The eyeball!

If you've been paying attention to our news coverage, you know the story thus far is Sarah will find herself far from her sisters as she tracks down an old ally of Beth's 

In doing this, Sarah comes into contact with an enemy so potent it has the potential to rip her apart from her sestras. For good? We sure hope not.

Will this pit her against Rachel, in particular?

We're not sure, but this teaser sure indicates she's in for a bigger role in Season 4 than in Orphan Black Season 3, as that's they eyeball she was sporting as she looked upon her still living mother. "Mother." 

Gasped. That's what we all did when we realized she was alive.


With the return of Rachel's mother and Neolution, the addition of the eye, the distance between Sarah and her sestras...this sounds like it's going to be one hell of a party.

Who is in?!

If your brain pan is swimming, you can get a refresher course when you watch Orphan Black online. No need to wonder!

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