Orange is the New Black Season 5: Premiere Date and Teaser Released

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The inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary will return to Netflix on June 9. 

Ever since Orange is the New Black Season 4 concluded with Dayanara holding a gun, fans have been clamoring for more from some of the best characters on TV. 

Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again - Orange is the New Black

The loss of Poussey was one of the biggest losses to a TV show in quite some time. The character was taken in brutal fashion and we have no idea whether the new batch of episodes will be a lighter affair. 

Hopefully they are. The show can effortlessly switch from high drama to humor in a matter of scenes and that's probably why it's solidified itself as one of the best TV shows out there. 

Season 5 will take the series in an interesting direction as it becomes clear that the prisoners are not about to let Caputo fool the world into thinking that Poussey's death was an accident. 

Taking a Stand

Would Dayanara really resort to shooting someone to get her point across?

That's one of the more interesting questions. 

Have a look at the teaser below for the season ahead...

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