NCIS 'Seek' Promo

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The promo for next week's all-new NCIS, "Seek."
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Probably will be another Tony lite episode since this is the one that he is directing. I'm happy for him though, getting to do something that stretches him professionally. It's got to get old being the show's butt monkey and Ziva's purse week after week.


Look good hope gibbs keep the dog


Ok, well at we now know why Tony is head first in the top of a VW! haha

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 18 Quotes

Vance: I worry that the act of hiring a nanny means that I'm moving on. And if I'm moving on, I worry that Jackie's death'll feel like...
Ziva: It's a bit more final?
Vance: [nods]
Ziva: Well then I suggest you take your time, Director. Hire a nanny or do not hire one. But do not let anyone tell you when you're ready or should be ready to move on. That is entirely up to you.
Vance: You may be on to something.
Ziva: I have some experience.
Vance: Yeah? Where were you a week and a half ago?

Tony: You know, I've been thinking about getting a dog.
Gibbs: He's not a dog. He's a Marine.