Mr. Robot Season 2 Promo: What Revolution Looks Like

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So... this is what revolution looks like, huh?

USA Network has released the first trailer for Mr. Robot Season 2, giving fans a look at what many consider to have been the best show fo 2015.

It was most certainly the breakout show of 2015.

In the following trailer, we see that it's been three days since fsociety succeeded in bringing down the global economy.

President Obama is gravely concerned over the effects, while Elliot is gravely concerned over the fact that he can't remember anything.

It appears as if his psychological demons will only grow worse, with Mr. Robot yelling at him more than once in our first sneak peek at the confusion action to come.

Mr. Robot stars Rami Malek and Christian Slater. Look for Craig Robinson and Grace Gummer to both come on board this summer in key new roles.

Season 2 kicks off on Wednesday, July 13 at 10/9c and, after watching the following trailer, you'll just have one question on your mind:

Is it Wednesday, July 13 at 10/9c yet?!?

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Mr. Robot Quotes

Price: It won't work, your heist.
Elliot: But you just said the Deus group funds Whiterose's project and the Dark Army. If I can find a way to rob the Deus group, Whiterose loses everything.
Price: But, like I said, the Deus group is impenetrable, Whiterose designed it that way.
Mr. Robot: You can get us in.
Price: Excuse me?
Mr. Robot: It's like you said, E Corp is a front for the Deus group. Last I checked, you're still the CEO. We can take them all down if we work together. You have to have a contact at the bank that can get me the Deus group account numbers, a real contact.

Tyrell: Elliot! I believe in fate. There's a reason we met. There's something between us. I can see it.
Elliot: You're only seeing what's in front of you. You're not seeing what's above you.