Minority Report Sneak Preview: What's on Tap?

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This interesting first look at Minority Report sets the scene and brings us up to speed.

After Precrime was abolished, the three precogs – “precognitives” Dash, Arthur and Agatha – were forced into hiding. Unable to live a normal life and still haunted by his visions, Dash returns to Washington, D.C. and partners with Det. Vega to stop crimes before they happen.
Catch a glimpse at the breathtaking futuristic visuals, while the cast and crew share their insight into this groundbreaking new series. The difference between the film and this show is that, "The precog is no longer a tool. The precog is our hero" explains creator/executive producer Max Borenstein.

If you loved the film, make sure to tune in to Minority Report Season 1 on Sept. 21

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Minority Report
Minority Report Season 1 Episode 1: "Pilot"
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Minority Report Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Dash: You know how much I see out here. If I can just get to one in time.
Agatha: You can't. You know that. Your gift is incomplete without your brother.

Vega: Can you believe we used to stop this stuff before it happened?
Akeela: Unfortunately, PreCrime was way before our time girl.