Lucifer: Tom Ellis Teases Luci's Extra Devilish Side and Tension with Chloe

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While the Lucifer Season 3 theme will be identity, it will come as no surprise that Luci will be pushing boundaries to keep his own identity as far from daddy dearest as possible. 

To that end, he'll have a lot of tension with other characters and that's just the start. Watch below for more!

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Lucifer Quotes

Lucifer: I wonder why I didn't figure it out sooner. World's first murderer, marked by God, and doomed to walk the earth alone for a tortured eternity. It's quite the moniker, yet still, nowhere near as ridiculous as The Sinnerman; wouldn't you agree, Cain?
Pierce: You may as well pour me one, too.

Pierce: I read Moby Dick. Six times.
Lucifer: Oh, really? What happened on page 83?