Legends of Tomorrow Promo: "Destiny"

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We always knew Sara was a leader.

The trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 15 shows she's still taking over control of the Waverider.

Seems there's more than one Captain Lance in the family!

Elsewhere, Snart realizes maybe it is his "Destiny" to be a hero after all.

The promo also shows something else about those two.

They're doing something a little personal. Together. With each other.

Like...K I S S I N G.


Life on a time ship must be intoxicating. 

Ray and Kendra just broke off their love affair so Kendra could reunite with Carter, and there's already another on the way?

Are we really ready for that?

And Rip and Mick will both be affected by their close vicinity to the Time Masters. 

Considering they're such jerks, why wouldn't they be?

No, the jerks are not Rip and Mick. I meant the Time Masters.

They don't even deserve capital letters; time masters.

Dear God. I just thought of something.

If they're in league with Vandal Savage, does that mean we're going to have to suffer through him in Season 2, too?

It looks like Kendra and Carter join Dancing with the Stars (they are in some sort of space/time after all).

Why not? She's all girly anyway. Their wings would give them a distinct advantage in the competition.

Am I the only one who expects someone to die before the end of the season? 

Well, watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow online to catch up and enjoy the promo!

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