iZombie Promo: Bish Betta Have My Shmoney

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Rose McIver must have a ball channeling so many diverse personalities on the regular. 

On iZombie Season 4 Episode 9, Liv will find herself on the brain of a rapper. I'm talking Macklemore levels of rapping here.

Are you laughing already? I know I am. 

Bachelor Playboy - iZombie

No worries, it gets better. 

A zombie serial killer is on the loose to the chagrin of Chase. Seriously, he does some serious damage to a locker over the news. Chill, bro.

The only person who has worse luck than Chase Graves is Major, it's no wonder the two of them have become work husbands. 

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Unfortunately, the zombie serial killer being loose means all of New Seattle is on lockdown until they can capture him. Peyton's job may come back into the fold after all, as we catch a glimpse of her at a crime scene.

Ravi and Clive

Meanwhile, due to the lockdown, Liv is trapped at the morgue.

She may be doing her best imitation of that "Cash Me Outside How 'bout dat" meme, but Clive and Ravi may give her a run for her, um, shmoney, as far as scene-stealing goes. 

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The crime-solving bros are taking advantage of the lockdown and engaging in a rousing game of D&D. The hour should be fun, to say the least!

It also appears that Blaine and Don E are up to no good, but what else is new?! 

There is no indication that they'll touch on the aftermath of the bus slaughter or that shocking discovery that Isobel is immune to the scratch, but hopefully, we'll see something about that too.

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Are you ready for Mac-Liv-Moore? Check out the promo below!

You can catch up on the season and watch iZombie online here via TV Fanatic!

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iZombie Season 4 Episode 9: "Mac-Liv-Moore"
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iZombie Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

I'mma text my posse. We was hitting a movie, and this Caine fool is making me miss it. I was 'bout to go ham on a large tub with extra butter.


Weston: S'up, Shorty. What is good?
Liv: On my grind, you know? Getting that shmoney.