Insatiable: Debby Ryan Fronted Drama Gets Premiere Date at Netflix

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If you thought Insatiable sounded like a fun series when it when it was in the works at The CW, then we have some great news for you. 

Netflix saw a lot of potential in the Debby Ryan fronted series and has penciled the series in for an August launch on the streaming platform. 

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The series follows a disgraced lawyer who decides to change career to become beauty pageant coach, and strives to help a teenager get some revenge on the people who are bullying her. 

Dallas Roberts, Alyssa Milano, and Christopher Gorham round out the cast of this series which is sure to be a hit for Netflix. 

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The concept sounds like something that would have paired well with either Jane the Virgin or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend if The CW opted to keep the show around. 

But it's great knowing that all episodes will be available to stream Friday, August 12th. The Netflix norm for shows is 13 episodes these days, but Insatiable will span 12. 


The streamer has been aggressively adding scripted content of late, and it's becoming rather difficult to keep up with what's coming. 

This is the era of peak TV, and we are spoiled for choice. 

Watch the full announcement teaser below. 

Will you watch Insatiable?

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