Chuck wants his hotel back. In this promo for "Inglorious Bassterds," it looks like he'll go to extreme lengths to get it, too.

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    Jenny can't kiss Nate! It's so stupid because Nate
    did everything for being with Serena. It would be horrible! :(

    Srry for my bad english.


    YES! I think she WILL sleep with Jack and chuck will come in and find her gone and done it. Also pregnacny for someone... could it be blair with Chucks baby???? :O :o :O NOOOOO


    Oh oh, seems like the end of the Chair U.U
    Blair, please dont sleep with Jack because Chuck never forgive you.
    Jenny finally kiss Nate :)


    No!No!No! Blair! please don't do this! Don't SLEEP with Jack again!
    I belive she won't! I need is Chair too!


    well, this episode will be pretty interesting -- i wanna jenny and nate together, serena and nate are so boooring together, not fan of this couple. and I hope that Blair won´t sleep with Jack, I believe she won´t! all I need is Chair


    okay now, I think C doesnt know about B's plan but then he figures it out (the last scene in the promo) and then (SPOILERS FROM THE STORE WINDOW) he storms in with some other men but only finds Blairs dress there... or somethibg like that :P


    please don't sleep with Jack blair!!!!

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