Homeland Season 5 Episode 2 Preview: An Unpredictable Situation

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Three days preparation to take your boss into a war zone isn't a lot of time.

It's not anything Carrie didn't already know, and it looks like her worst fears are realized from this preview for Homeland Season 5 Episode 2.

While Carrie is off in Lebanon trying to keep Otto During safe from terrorists, Allison will be attempting to convince Saul that Carrie's shared connection to Laura Sutton through the man she's trying to protect means she's also a party to the seismic breach into the CIA's computer system.

Will Saul believe Carrie capable of such duplicity? Will Carrie successfully get Otto During into and out of Lebanon?

Find out when you watch the next all new Homeland on Sunday, Oct. 11, on Showtime.

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Homeland Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Carrie: I was different then.
Otto: How?
Carrie: I was younger and I was alone. There wasn't anyone waiting for me back at home.

Laura: I'm an American citizen. You have no right to hold me. I want my lawyer. Did you hear me? I want my lawyer!
Astrid: I heard you. You have a loud voice.