Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: To Meredith's Rescue?

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As seen in previous previews for the return of Grey's Anatomy this Thursday, Meredith is about to be attacked.

The incident will take place when she's tending to a patient... and it will be brutal.

Look for Meredith to be discovered by Penny after the assault, and then for a slew of familiar faces at Grey-Sloan Memorial to jump into action in order to save their colleague.

It sounds like Ben will blame himself for leaving the patient alone, while the team will try to keep a certain Chief of Surgery out of the room for as long as possible.

The most poignant moment of the following clip?

Alex's reaction.

He nearly breaks down in tears upon seeing Meredith and the condition she's in.

"It's an intense hour of television," Jason George tells E! News.

"It's a great hour of television you are not going to want to miss. And at the end of the day, as Grey's often does, Shonda Rhimes takes you further in the drama than you think you can go because she buys it with pathos.

"You have inspiring moments, you have moments of love, you have moments of comedy that earn the ability to go so deep and into such a dangerous place. It's part of the brilliance of her writing."

Check out the sneak peek from this Denzel Washington-directed episode now:

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