Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Callie vs. Arizona!

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Will they or won't they?

This question doesn't really apply any longer to the romantic future of Callie and Arizona on Grey's Anatomy.

They won't be getting back together any time soon. That much is certain.

But will they or won't they come to an agreement regarding the future of their daughter?

That's the question posed in the following sneak peek.

It starts out with the exes sitting down in a coffee shop and discussing Callie's potential move to the East Coast with Penny.

And when the topic of schools for Sofia comes up, Arizona has to jump in.

“I need to take a big step backwards," she says. "Somewhere, sometime, you heard me say yes to this. You heard me say, ‘Yes, please, Callie, take my daughter across the country’ but I never said that."

This leads into an argument over the rights of an adopted mother versus a birth mother and previews what ought to be an intense and emotional battle between the doctors over the rest of Grey's Anatomy Season 12.

Check out the clip now: 

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