Grey's Anatomy 'Remember the Time' Promo

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The first promo for the second episode of Grey's Anatomy's ninth season. "Remember the Time" airs October 4, 2012.
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Omg!!! I can't wait for next episode!!! Cristina is throwing things!!! Meredith is looking for lexie!!! Owen is with Cristina after the accident!! It looks crazy!!!!! This season looks exciting!!! Callie promised she would keep Arizonas leg!! No wonder she's pissed!!! But these people are doctors I understand it sucks to be hurt and injured and people have feelings over logic sometimes but with all they have been through she should be thankful that all she lost was a leg! It could have been worse she could be like mark or lose all her limbs, lungs, heart, etc. but she got a chance to live and hold her baby and wife!!! PTSD is serious man!!!!


DAYUM! no wonder arizona is so bitter. i wonder if chyler leigh will cameo in this? or even kim raver. CANT WAIT!

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