Grey's Anatomy Promo: Is the Jaggie Secret Out?!

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It has been a rough time for Grey's Anatomy Fanatics. 

The show and fans have taken quite a blow with the stunning news that Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew have been let go.

If you'd like, you can join the discussion our Grey's Anatomy Roundtable had as they processed the shocking news and relived some of the very best of Arizona and April. 

In addition to that development offscreen, some controversial choices were made onscreen as well.

Yes, that's right, Jackson and Maggie, one of the most polarizing 'ships since the mystifying choice by writers to throw George and Izzie together (this is still not nearly at that level, sorry, you guys, it's true). 

It was a long time coming for the two sort of, kind of, but not legally stepsiblings. Ironically, April was the one to call the two out on their unusual chemistry. 

Anyway, after Jackson ditched his date on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 14 and rushed back to Meredith's house to comfort a betrayed Maggie, things got heated between the two. In fact, Jaggie finally shared a searing kiss that sent Grey's Anatomy fanatics of all types into a frenzy. 

Jaggie's First Kiss

They weren't the only 'ship to share a moment, however. April's downward spiral continued when she took Tom home for the evening.

From the looks of it, they had quite a night together, and Tom couldn't be more pleased. He's donning her floral robe, and April is hungover and possibly regretting her decision.

Also, Omelia fans were likely super thrilled when the pair jumped each other's bones again. Amelia is quite pleased with herself when she tells her pseudo-bro and roommate, Alex what she has been up to, or rather, who she has been up to while Owen walks past them. 

Omelia's New Arrangement

All of these relationships have Meredith wondering if there's another love triangle that she doesn't know about. She could be making a slight reference to the awkward one she and Maggie were in with Nathan a while back, but Meredith did interrupt that Maggie and Jackson makeout session.

Hopefully, Meredith won't spend too much time wondering about who is banging or smooching who. She has bigger problems to worry about.

If you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you'd know that we still need to find out what her shady "Aunt" Marie is up to and whether or not she has absconded with Meredith's idea and research. 

Again, it has been a busy time for Grey's fanatics and the Grey's characters. It doesn't appear as if anything will be slowing down on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 15. 

Ellen Pompeo will wear her director's cap once more for this hour, which means as TV Fanatic reported earlier in the year, this will also serve as a special episode for a beloved character. If you want a juicy spoiler about the episode, click here

Otherwise, check out our promo below! 

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