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The Canadian version of Gossip Girl's promo for "The Princess Dowry." Does Dair have real a chance after all? Watch and see.

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horrible! bring back chair together


DAIR DAIR DAIR!!! I hope Blair can finally see the light about Chuck and be happy! He is devious and can NEVER put her before his own selfish love. Dan isn't perfect but if there's one thing he always does - is put Blair first.


I love dair


I love dair and I love chair Dan have always been Thier for even when she hate him Dan will never had slept with her friend sister never let her sleep with somebody for a hotel and don't stop watch the show cause you can't see chuck and Blair together they will get back together but just not now


I think Louis needs to take Blair away to the Palace for the summer. I mean after all they just married and she is back all this time without him? I know its a pretend marriage at this point, but they will not be able to break the marriage contract and she will have to stay with him for a year, leaving chair/dair all in limbo for next year. after all doesn't Louis need an heir?! ha..ha.. that would be a nice spin, good way to break up the monotony of chair/dair. just saying at this point most of us have a better imagination.


Im getting really tired of this chuck and blair thing if you think about it its really stupid


This is shit. Seriously. They need to give Chuck a new direction and aim in life. Everyone gets tired of pinning and rejection eventually. Hasn't Chuck had enough already? Of course he is crazier than never after *the shitty writing* Blair incited him about her feelings and running away with him just to drop it all later but enough is enough. They could use this to explore a different angle of the character such as psychotic/obssessive disoder/behavior. If that's what they're trying to do, oh my, they're doing it horribly.

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