Gossip Girl Series Finale Clip - 5 Years Later

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Five years later, we learn what the Gossip Girl characters are up to in a classic closing montage.

"fans" should enjoy the show instead of trying to sink each others ships Dair was cute and they had witty banter but for them to end up together Serena and Chuck would've had to get together or end up alone which was never going to happen. Serena was Dan's first love and he was the love of her life. Chuck loved Blair always he may have slept with Jenny but he only did so because he thought Blair didn't love him, Eva saved his life and helped him see he could be the man he wanted to be. Sure the hotel incident, him punching the window behind Blair causing her to get cut, comparing her to his father's Arabian horses, and his attempted rapes in the pilot episode are always used as reasons why Blair shouldn't be with him but of all the characters Chuck is the one that changed the most he regretted his actions, made amends, got counseling, and apologized. Dan was Gossip Girl he was doing all of this to get Serena he dated Blair in my opinion as payback for her dating Ben and Colin and to up his social standing

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