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The promo for the January 16, 2012 return of Gossip Girl. Will Chuck live? It doesn't look good from the looks of this ...

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While Chuck is still in coma, Blair is praying...She probably thinks this is a kind of punishment because she is breaking the prince's heart, breaking off the engagement and leaving the father of her, she tells God, please let him leave and I promise I will do everything right and I will leave Chuck. (Juliana Moore's movie reference)
on top of that Chuck does not remember the last two weeks when he wakes up!how convenient, heheheh oh, Chuck, can't you see, nothing good happens when we r together!


i hope she loses the baby too.shes should have chucks kid.if she is still preggo i kno chuck wont mined.dan should stop fooling himself and go back to serena,nate should give charlie a try..gonna miss jenny tho.plz chuck dnt died.princie should jus go back to his country and get lost.looking forward to the gg.whats going on with georgie is she changed


And while i'm being honest, i hope she loses the baby (i know, i'm evil, whatever.) She only had a summer fling with some royal guy and then a couple (i think 3) meetups before proposal, and then followed up by a pregnancy? nope. I want her character to move on, get a clean slate, and just be. (ex. what if the kid wants to meet its dad? will the royals let her take their only heir? Is it up to blair to decide the child's future? custody settlements? lotss of stuff, too much for GG to handle...that is, if they want to make it believable (or at least more so than it is now. A prince? srsly??)) I love this show, it was very good in the first 2 seasons!! I wish they'd end it with season 5 (don't want to beat a dead horse after all!!) b/c i don't know what season 6 would be about...
Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see how this all plays out. ;)


I hope that Chuck will live because otherwise I, as well as many other fans, will just stop watching the show. And if he does live (admittedly the most realistic scenario), i also really HOPE that the writers won't pull some cheesy soap-opera crap and either: 1) put him into a long coma where he wakes up and everything is perfect, fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows, etc. or 2) give him the old-fashion "i-lost-my-memory-lets-fall-in-love-all-over-again"/ "i-lost-my-memory-OH-WAIT-LAWL-JP-i-remember-blair-on-her-wedding-day-how-convenient!!!". Honestly, the best they can do is let him live, and let blair chose. None of that stop at the alter crap either.


They aren't going to kill off Chuck...the writers of GG don't have the balls to do that. Maybe if this was the last season I would say it's possible...but come on people...this is a sure fire way for them to keep/get viewers.


Ed Westwick said in an interview that Chuck will participate the Royal Wedding, so he won' t die, just maybe Chair fans won' t get their Happy Endings... :(


I am a big fan of gg I love Chuck and blair together, If he dies I would not watch it anymore. blair and the princes are not a good match she belog with chuck. Regarding who treats other bad well I would have to say that blair and chuch treat each other bad at times; I won't say that chuck treats blair any worst then she treat him, they both just needed to grow up which they both have. With respect to the baby I had hope it was chuck not the princes.


Can't wait


Have you noticed that Blair said 'Let THEM live.' so the baby must be still alive, it's possible that he/she may die but not necessarily. There's still hope for happily ever after ;) I can't wait till 16 Jan !!!


Ahhhhhhhhhh galera tem certeza que Blair vai ficar com Chuck, depois de tdo eles merecem um final feliz... o Chuck é tdo!!!xoxo

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