Good Trouble Finale Promo: Who Will Callie Choose (Or Whatever)?

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It's the question we've been dying to know.

On Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 13 the finale has arrived and so has a decision about Callie's love triangle which has been brewing for the majority of the season. 

No disrespect, but who cares about any of that when we still don't know what happened to Dennis?!

Dennis' Last Day? - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 12

Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 12 ended with the resident big bro of the series, Dennis in a dire, vulnerable state which left fans an emotional wreck. 

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Twitter is still ablaze with fandom wondering what happened to Dennis. Our protection squad is formed, and we are ready to riot if he's gone or worse yet gone

Unfortunately, we're still left hanging with no indication as to Dennis' whereabouts or whether or not he's alive. Boo! 

Crushing News - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

The anticipation and impatience are too much. 

Ah, but back to the love triangle. Based on the promo Callie will choose between Gael and Jamie. The chemistry between Callie and Gael is undeniable. 

The sexual connection between the two of them is out of this world, and there is no shortage of scenes throughout the season to prove it. 

Hookup Culture - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 1

With Gael harboring some genuine feelings for Callie, and Bryan out of the picture after Gael called it quits with him for good, will Callie follow her hoo-ha heart and choose the artist who challenges her and taps into her former artist spirit? 

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Jamie has been kind, supportive, and consistent when it comes to his relationship with Callie. Will she choose him? 

It's always possible for Callie to choose herself, but housemates will seer clear until he reaches a decision. 

Mr. All American - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 10

Callie's work woes will come to a head too. She feels Wilson has some valuable information which would help the casework in Sandra's favor, but he's sitting on it. 

Callie is going to Callie; she can't turn the part of herself who makes questionable decisions, is impulsive, and did something stupid or reckless things. 

Based on the promo, she's tempted to break a few rules in the name of justice. If she does what she thinks about doing in the promo, it could cost her everything. Will she? 

Legal Advice - Good Trouble

Meanwhile, the protest has gone full-speed ahead even though Malika, the woman who organized the whole thing, is MIA after a phone call from her brother. She's shown crying in the short clip, but does it relate to her brother or something else? 

Sandra is shown at a podium speaking about her son and demanding justice. 

Elsewhere, it's Sumi's wedding day, and it looks as though she's still holding onto Alice. 

Taking on the System - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 4

Also, Mariana's wage and problematic work environment arc will reach its climax.

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Angela knows about the spreadsheet and shared the men's salaries with Mariana, and it seems the spreadsheet is out int the open now. 

Mariana is shown coming forward and admitting she is the one leading the charge via the Byte Club against the company and their wage gap. 

Pitching to the Boss - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 12

If Evan does have feelings for Mariana, they are about to be tested with her involvement in all of this. 

Check out the promo below! Are you excited about the finale?! Hit the comments! 

You can watch Good Trouble online here via TV Fanatic if you need to catch up. 

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Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Mariana: What do you think I should do?
Callie: Well I think you can convince yourself of almost anything but your gut will tell you what's right.

Mariana: How do I know that you aren't setting me up?
Angela: When I took this job, they told me they wanted to change the culture here, but that was BS. The same BS I sold you on. I'd quit, but I'm a single mom, and I need the paycheck. I gave that info to you because the only way to force change around here is to publicly shame them. Please don't let anyone know I gave that to you or else I will never work anywhere again.