Glee Clip: Welcome, Sarah Jessica Parker!

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Sarah Jessica Parker debuts on Glee in this sneak peek. She'll be working closely with Kurt in the fashion world.

On the advice of Tim i took it upon mylsef to watch an episode of this show. Loved it!It got me thinking though. One of the reasons I watched the show was in hopes of catching up with some of the characters that I had seen in these docs. I wanted so badly for Spurlock to go on a mission to catch up with them and getting more insight into what really happened during the time of filming, Then I was lead in this journey of questioning this idea. Does revisiting documentaries/the people interviewed in them, bring us closer to the reality of the film, or push us further away from it?Any thoughts

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Glee Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Artie: I mean, it's no secret that a woman loves a man in power, and don't take this personally, but before I graduate I would like to have a relationship that lasts longer than a couple weeks.
Brittany: Why would I take that personally?
Artie: You and I dated.
Brittany: We did?

[to Kurt] No, you should dream. You should dream very, very big and then you should work incredibly hard and make sure you do everything in your power to make it happen.