Euphoria Promo: Does Maddy Come Clean About Nate?

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Maddy is ready to fight back. 

The official preview for Euphoria Season 1 Episode 5 seemingly shows her coming clean about the marks Nate left around her neck when he grabbed her at the carnival. 

It's been a long time coming, especially if you keep up to speed with everything Nate has been getting up to. 

Maddy Covers Up - Euphoria

He attacked Tyler, catfished Jules, and it seems like the web of deceit around him is about to become common knowledge. 

That's problematic, primarily because the Jacobs family likes to keep up the illusion that they are a family that strives for perfection. 

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That's why Cal will be furious to realize that he's been called to the school as a result of all the drama between Nate and Maddy. 

Once there, he will come into contact with Jules, and from that point on, things will get a little bit crazy. 

Nate Meets with Jules - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 4

Would we have it any other way? 

The official HBO synopsis of the episode dishes on some other plots that will be playing. 

"In the aftermath of the carnival, Maddy (Alexa Demie) and Nate (Jacob Elordi) are forced to deal with a police investigation," it reads.

"Jules (Hunter Schafer) begins to feel pressured by her role in Rue's (Zendaya) sobriety."

Maddy Learns the Truth - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 4

"Kat (Barbie Ferreira) ignores a confused Ethan (Austin Abrams) and embraces her new lifestyle. Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) tries to distance herself from Daniel (Keean Johnson) and focus on her relationship with McKay (Algee Smith)."

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"Cal (Eric Dane) worries about how his actions have affected his sons."

Sounds pretty crazy, right?

What we do know is that Euphoria will continue for a second season. HBO renewed the show on Thursday, so this dark drama will not be concluding any time soon. 

Have a look at the promo below. 

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