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Check out this extended preview for Elementary. It's a modern day take on the Sherlock Holmes story.
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I hate it. Boring.


this looks delicious, it is definitely going on my no. 1 list for the fall. Love the work of both actors, Lucy Liu on Southland was hardass, Jonny Lee Millers work on Eli Stone was fastinating, glad to see them back on another excellent looking series.

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Elementary Quotes

Holmes: Why do you suppose you hate your job so much?
Watson: I don't hate my job.
Holmes: You have two alarm clocks. No one with two alarm clocks loves their job. Two alarm clocks mean it's a chore for you to get up in the morning.

Watson: How do you do it, guess things?
Sherlock: I observe and then I deduce.
Watson: How did you know I was a doctor, you said you could tell from my hands.
Sherlock: Hand, singular. It was soft no calluses.
Watson: How did you know my father had an affair?
Sherlock: Google. Not everything is deducible.