Downton Abbey Season 6 First Look: How Will It End?

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If I could stop history in its tracks, maybe I would. But I can’t, Carson, for neither you nor I can hold back time.

Robert Crawley's words to Mr. Carson ring true for every one of us, certainly, but as the wistful music plays over the trailer ITV released for Downton Abbey Season 6, which premieres in the UK in September and on PBS in the US on Jan. 3, 2016, the remind us this institution the world has shared is coming to an end.

There are a lot of hugs and sad looks among the Crawley family and their faithful servants, and if someone is to go gently into the night, it looks like the most likely candidate is Downton Abbey itself.

The Abbey has been in trouble many times and seeing Mr. Carson slipping his name card out of the door and packing his bags sure sends a chilling message about the future of this great family.

Where will they all end up? Julian Fellows has promised a fitting conclusion showing "a chunk of what everyone's life would be" when Downton is no longer around to keep us updated. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a satisfying end to this wonderful series.

In the meantime, watch the trailer for a bittersweet hint of what's to come. 

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Downton Abbey Quotes

Edith: Now you're happy again, you'll be nicer... for a while.
Mary: If that's what you feel, then why are you here?
Edith: Because, in the end, you're my sister and one day, only we will remember Sybil... or Mama or Papa or Matthew or Michael or Granny or Carson or any of the others who have peopled our youth... until, at last, our shared memories will mean more than our mutual dislike.

Anna, help me do battle with this monstrosity. It looks like a creature from the lost world.