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It's the first two minutes of the Dexter Season 7 premiere! Watch now, fans!

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See...this should of happened earlier so then he would have no choice BUT to kill her and then his brother would still be alive.
jus sayin


Deb found out in the first book of dexter this has prolonged


whoaaaahhhhh!!! can't wait to see what will be the twist to that....


He should kill her, lmao !!!


No, Deb won't figure much out. Dexter is known for covering his tracks--he will come up with something that will appease her.


Whoa, this looks awesome. If Deb hadn't been so wigged out she would have noticed how lame that excuse sounded lol. I'm going to miss Dexter when its over but I'm looking forward to a wild ride as we count down to the series finale.


this season is going to be fucking insane. i am counting the minutes until september 30th, 9 p.m. dexter is such a badass i cant wait to see how this turns out. holy piss.


No she won't. Dexter will make up some magnificent lie that she will believe and it will be swept under the rug.


I predicted somewhat of what Dexter said . Wow can't wait to see the rest . Deb has alway's made some connection about how Dexter knows stuff or how he arrives so fast at a scene . Deb will put two and two together.


Looks awesome

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